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Meet The Bogey Men

"The Bogey Men" is a unique Irish podcast with funny, honest and engaging conversations around all things golf. We talk professional and amateur golf, from a fans perspective. From the troubles of a club player to the greatest in the game, this is the podcast for the everyday golfer.

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Jonny MacCann

Michael Styles

Jonny, as well as being an avid golfer (7 handicap) is also a video production expert. Jonny is a parkland golfer, growing up on the manicured lawns of Mount Juliet in Kilkenny, Ireland, Jonny's can't hit a stinger to save his life.

He's worked in TV and media for 10 years covering Olympics, Paralympics, Elections, World Cups, Six Nations campaigns & The Champions League. 

Video, golf & creativity are a big part of Jonny, which is how The Bogey Men was born!

Michael is an experienced elite hockey coach with both Men's and Women's Irish U-21 teams. His experience working within elite environments gives Michael a unique insight to high performing athletes.

A proud arm chair golf pundit Michael is not afraid to share his opinions on all things golf. Currently The Bogey Men's resident high handicap golfer (17.5), Michael's goal is to get his handicap below Jonny's.

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